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WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund – Wellbeing on Call

Wellbeing on Call is a project looking to make a difference to the mental health and wellbeing of Victorian workers with funding received from WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund.

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Digging deeper: Understanding the psychological demands of the job

As an employer of over 5,600 Australians, The Reject Shop has taken an innovative approach to better balance their workplace health and safety strategy, with a strong focus on assessing and better understanding the cognitive and psychological demands of tasks undertaken by their team.

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Values-driven small business

Vokke is a small business with a strong social conscience. Founded in 2015, the Melbourne-based software company has a firm focus on creating a workplace culture that supports the health and wellbeing of staff through business values, strong communication and flexible work arrangements.

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Small business: a focus on people

Albert Park Preschool is a small organisation that is proactively undertaking initiatives in health and wellbeing. The preschool philosophy recognises and celebrates the “incredible marvel of being human” and believes in ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone who comes into contact with the centre. Albert Park Preschool has created a Wellbeing Officer role on staff and allocated a Wellbeing portfolio on the Committee of Management. They have established a wellbeing sub-committee made up of employees, management, community health professionals and parent representatives to oversee their ‘Wellbeing for All’ policy and initiatives. Watch the video to learn more!

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Breaking the mould: a flexible law firm

As a boutique employment law firm in Melbourne, Justitia strives to be a progressive, healthy, commercial and sustainable workplace, achieving high productivity and success as it helps its clients achieve the same. Justitia practices what it preaches through role modelling and experimentation, giving the firm and its lawyers increased credibility and a competitive edge.

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Infusing an artistic mode of practice into the workplace

Regional Arts Victoria is a small organisation that has taken big strides in promoting – and achieving – higher levels of mental wellbeing. The majority of employees are artists and people who are passionate about art. Recognising that creative work is a meaningful part of their employees’ sense of identity and overall wellbeing, RAV have infused an artistic mode of practice into their workplace.

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Bringing business data to life

Jemena is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘to hear, listen and think’, and that’s exactly how this private infrastructure and energy company approached revitalising its business to put employees’ mental health and wellbeing at the heart of everything they do.  However, with only 25–30 per cent of employees attending personal wellbeing programs, Jemena saw a clear disconnect – mental health and wellbeing couldn’t be an ‘add on’ exercise, it had to be prioritised and embedded in their culture and business processes. This realisation inspired Jemena to build on its existing programs and look for a new all-inclusive approach with better outcomes for employees and their business.

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Building a positive outlook

Independent school, Geelong Grammar has established a health and wellbeing program that is embedded across the curriculum and all processes used at the school. Using the principles of Positive Education, the program focuses on specific skills that assist staff (and students) to build relationships, positive emotions, resilience, mindfulness and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Rather than having a specific mental health and wellbeing program, Geelong Grammar incorporates mental wellbeing across a range of policies. This approach offers insight into how to be successful in creating high levels of work satisfaction among staff and consequent high levels of commitment and performance.

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7 steps to building a good mental health culture

Big changes for a small business - watch the case study videos

With employees spending more of their waking life at work than anywhere else, Marketing and PR agency Mkt. Communications recognises that its people need to come first, and the need to challenge, recognise, enrich and support them. Developed with staff, the wellness program focuses on how to balance stress, providing employees with practical tools to overcome day-to-day challenges at work to enable them to look after their health and wellbeing. For Mkt. Communications, this investment is paying off with staff enthusiastically getting involved in the program.

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Community connection for healthier and safer farmers

The National Centre for Farmer Health runs a targeted program to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of farmers. It focuses on connecting farmers and their families with the broader community, industry experts and health services to equip farmers with the knowledge and motivation to look after themselves and their business. Over a three-year period, workshops are delivered to farmers who are encouraged to develop an action plan. Evaluation in the form of health monitoring, surveys and personal follow up has illustrated the ongoing effectiveness of the program.

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