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Championing diversity

By building a diversity strategy into their business planning, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service promotes workplace diversity as a key to employee engagement. Support from leadership is crucial to the success of the program, with an executive sponsor assigned to each diversity priority area, and senior staff playing an active role in championing diversity and inclusion initiatives across the organisation. Creative initiatives such as a diversity and wellness calendar help to support employee involvement in the program. Their results show an increase in the number of employees who report that they are able to manage work responsibilities in a way that allows them to maintain a healthy balance between their work and home lives.

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Enabling a smiling mind and productive workforce

Global technology company, IBM knows that wellbeing and employee engagement go hand-in-hand with productivity and profits. In 2013, IBM Australia added a cutting edge tool to the company’s comprehensive wellbeing program in the form of a mindfulness mediation app. The Smiling Mind app which was developed in partnership with IBM with meditations focusing on managing stress and building concentration. Ideal for IBM’s large, highly mobile and digitally-enabled workforce, the app is now used across the organisation.

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