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WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund – Wellbeing on Call

Wellbeing on Call is a project looking to make a difference to the mental health and wellbeing of Victorian workers with funding received from WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund.

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WorkSafe Health & Safety Month - The real challenges faced by today's workplaces

Join Clare Amies, Margo Lydon, Kirstan Corben and Peta McCammon at WorkSafe Health & Safety Month 2019, as they explore the real challenges faced by today's workplaces - including the prevention of workplace mental health injuries, the opportunities for leaders to support worker mental health and wellbeing, and how to create a healthy and safe workplace.

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Positive Leadership Through Change

In August 2018, the 11th Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration Leadership breakfast was held in Melbourne. The breakfast saw a panel of industry leaders discuss "Positive Leadership Through Change" with a focus on how leaders can promote positive mental health for employees during times of change and transition.

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Transformative Work Design - Professor Sharon Parker

Director of the Centre for Transformative Work Design, University of Western Australia, Professor Sharon Parker talks about how leaders can use work design principles to assist their employees and colleagues to be well and thrive in their job roles. This video was filmed at the Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration's Leadership Breakfast in February 2018 where Professor Sharon Parker was the keynote speaker.

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Values-driven small business

Vokke is a small business with a strong social conscience. Founded in 2015, the Melbourne-based software company has a firm focus on creating a workplace culture that supports the health and wellbeing of staff through business values, strong communication and flexible work arrangements.

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Supporting mental wellbeing through workplace change and transition

In July 2017, the seventh Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration Leadership Breakfast was held in Traralgon in the Latrobe Valley. It was the first Collaboration breakfast to be held outside the Melbourne CBD. The title for the breakfast was a “A positive approach to supporting mental wellbeing through workplace change and transition” and focused on the challenge of managing change and workforce transitions. The breakfast brought together a range of business, academic and practical experience to help attendees support workplace mental wellbeing. This short video summarises the key learnings from the event.

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Small business: a focus on people

Albert Park Preschool is a small organisation that is proactively undertaking initiatives in health and wellbeing. The preschool philosophy recognises and celebrates the “incredible marvel of being human” and believes in ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone who comes into contact with the centre. Albert Park Preschool has created a Wellbeing Officer role on staff and allocated a Wellbeing portfolio on the Committee of Management. They have established a wellbeing sub-committee made up of employees, management, community health professionals and parent representatives to oversee their ‘Wellbeing for All’ policy and initiatives. Watch the video to learn more!

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Building Thriving Teams (Mary Ann Baynton)

International workplace mental health expert, Mary Ann Baynton, talks about how leaders can build strong, cohesive and successful teams. This video was filmed at the Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration's Leadership Breakfast in 2017 where Mary Ann Baynton was a keynote presenter.  BUILDING THRIVING TEAMS RESOURCE: A leader's guide and activities for developing resilience for the team leader and their team. It is a workbook full of ideas, strategies and exercises to help team leaders understand themselves, communicate more effectively and engage team members. Download from the Resource Centre on this site.

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Bringing business data to life

Jemena is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘to hear, listen and think’, and that’s exactly how this private infrastructure and energy company approached revitalising its business to put employees’ mental health and wellbeing at the heart of everything they do.  However, with only 25–30 per cent of employees attending personal wellbeing programs, Jemena saw a clear disconnect – mental health and wellbeing couldn’t be an ‘add on’ exercise, it had to be prioritised and embedded in their culture and business processes. This realisation inspired Jemena to build on its existing programs and look for a new all-inclusive approach with better outcomes for employees and their business.

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International expert advisor on health and work, Dame Carol Black, talks workplace wellbeing

What factors influence a person’s sense of wellbeing at work?
Why is the workplace such an important place to focus on mental health?
What is the link between wellbeing and engagement in the workplace?
What are the biggest motivators for businesses to invest in wellbeing in their workplace?
What role does work play in general health and wellbeing?
What advice would you give to workplaces considering implementing a workplace wellbeing program?

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